What a Difference a Year Makes…

“Our stories disclose in a general way what we used to be like, what happened, and what we are like now…” So yeah. One trip around the sun…..sober! In many ways, this day feels more important and more special than my actual birthday. I truly feel that my life began when I made the difficult, […]

Triple Digits! 100 Days Sober

Today I hit triple digits: 100 days sober! I’ve been looking for inspiration to update my blog for the past few weeks and it just hasn’t come to me. Quite honestly, for the past few weeks I haven’t been able to do anything unless I absolutely had to. My depression has loomed over me and […]

Livin’ my best life!

So it’s been a while since I’ve updated. I always write these posts in my head and then never get around to actually writing them and then there’s so much I want to say that I don’t know how to articulate or organize it. I found the photo at the top of this post on […]

60 days in….(not the TV show)

Today marks 60 days of sobriety for me. It was an odd day, but a great one nonetheless. I didn’t even remember it was my “soberversary” until my sponsor texted me this morning. Part of me feels like “a bad alcoholic” for not counting the days, minutes, seconds of clean time because I earned that […]

every little thing is gonna be alright….

As I was trying to take a nap today, my brain wandered to a million different places (as it usually does) and I was thinking about how different my life feels today compared to a few months ago- like insanely so.  My mind supplied the “genius” lyrics in Katy Perry’s song Firework, “do you ever […]

Pause. Pray. Proceed.

Alcoholics Anonymous isn’t just designed to make you stop drinking/using substances. It’s literally a how-to guide of how to unfuck your entire life (however, I do believe the technical term for this is emotional sobriety, but I like my terminology better). But you have to be willing to do it. And just like pimpin’, it […]

Pink Cloud Crashing

So there’s this thing in sobriety called a pink cloud. It’s basically a natural high you get during the early days of sobriety. Everything feels new, happy, successful, easy. Life is changing for the better, you feel confident in your decision and everything just feels…like you’re floating in a cloud: safe, light, airy. Hence the […]

I can find no serenity….

Tonight, I chaired a meeting for what was scheduled to be the first time ever (I ended up leading the meeting last night at the last minute and fumbled my way through it- but did fine, I guess).  Since I had a dry run last night, I felt a little bit more comfortable and I […]